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Earth Day Soap in hand by Codex Beauty - Our Plastic-Free Commitment

Our Plastic-Free Commitment

Codex Beauty Labs was founded with the mission of not putting more plastic in our oceans. As we approach Earth Day, we are reminded of how important it is to care for our planet —and each other. Here’s how we take a science-based approach to environmental stewardship, and how it benefits us all (plus, don’t miss the details on our Bia Earth Day Soap gift below!).  

  • We use green polyethylene tubes which are plant-based, derived from sugar cane and recyclable.
  • Our packaging is twice at good at reducing carbon footprint compared to traditional polyethylene materials made from fossil fuels.
  • We use high-quality glass containers that are completely sustainable for our Bia Facial Oil and Bia Wash Off Cleansing Oil.
  • We are exploring PCR plastic alternatives to glass as well, since we recognize that it’s not as carbon efficient as green polyethylene.
  • Our carton paper is made from renewable fiber derived from sustainably managed forests certified by the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

And last but not least we are gifting bars of our new limited-edition Bia Earth Day Soap as a fun way to show our dedication to sustainability. In soap manufacturing, soap scraps are produced when shaving the long edges of the bars. These would normally be discarded. Instead, we decided to upcycle those shavings and create a colourful, natural soap to celebrate Earth Day. Everyone who shops our site receives a complimentary bar now, while supplies last. Enjoy!

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