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Food-Grade Preservation System

Food-Grade Preservation System

At Codex Beauty, our goal is to create clean, highly effective formulas that enhance skin health. We never compromise safety for efficacy.

All beauty products that contain water must incorporate preservatives to eliminate any existing microorganisms that may have been introduced during the manufacturing process and neutralize any future microorganisms after the package is opened. Unfortunately, synthetic preservatives—such as parabens and phenoxyethanol—are considered standard in many conventional beauty formulas. But studies have raised awareness around their potential risks, and it’s time to demand alternatives.

At Codex, we leveraged the expertise of scientific leaders to develop a synergistic blend of specific plant-based preservatives that not only protects our formulas but is actully good for skin. Many of these ingredients work to improve moisture levels and skin’s barrier function, for example. This proprietary, patent-pending preservative system is unique to Codex and is a true breakthrough for skin safety and health.

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