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Your Essential Acne Solution

Our Shaant Oily Skin Set will help you leave those teenage years permanently behind! Perfect for oily, acne-prone skin


The Codex Labs Difference




Clinical Trial Results

In our 28-day efficacy trials (men/women aged 19-40 with acne, oily skin, redness & large pores):

83% experienced a 52% decrease in dead skin layers (oil control cream)

83% experienced a 7% decrease in redness (clay mask)

78% experienced a 30% decrease in oiliness (cleanser)

66% experienced a 8% decrease in pore size (toner)

What does this mean for healthy, happy skin?

- Pores cleared and shrank

- Oiliness and skin tone became normal

- Bumps were smoothed

- Skin stayed hydrated and soothed

Real Codex Labs Results

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The Codex Labs Guarantee

We are so confident our products work that we offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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- Money Back Guarantee

Choose your set

Discover ultra-effective, science-based skincare and our sustainable, data-driven formulations that are clinically proven to deliver measurable, breakthrough results.

Acne Prone skin set three product set.

Mattifying & Clarifying

Oily, Acne-Prone Skin Set

Our oil-free micellar water-based cleanser removes impurities, refines the appearance of pores and soothes irritated skin without drying it out.

Combination acne prone set of three products.

Mattifying & Moisturizing

Combination, Acne-Prone Skin Set

Soothing gel cleanser for clean and fresh skin. We designed it to protect the skin barrier, maintain balance and cleanse gently without drying.

"For the Shaant skincare collection, Ayurvedic plants, such as gotu kola or patchouli, have been vetted with Western scientific tools, like their effect on gene expression in skin cells and clinical tests on patients with acne."

- Dr. Sivamani M.D., M.S., C.A.T.

User reviews

"The cleanser is amazing. I have sensitive skin that tends to get dry when using most cleansers, but this one leaves my skin soft and clean."

- Stefanieh

"I love this cleanser. It is gentle, effective and refreshing. It also has nice and simple packaging. I'm thrilled."

- Lanay

"I enjoyed this product very much! It left my skin feeling nice and hydrated without feeling greasy."

- Courtney

Sustainability down to the last detail, with science at its back

We have integrated sustainability and fair trade principles into all key areas of our business. Our goal is to achieve a neutral carbon footprint by 2025.We have integrated sustainability and fair trade principles into all key areas of our business. Our goal is to achieve a neutral carbon footprint by 2025.

Our mission

We want to help you achieve the healthiest skin possible based on a new standard: plant-based biotech skincare that combines ethnobotany and dermatology under the guidance of data-driven scientist Barbara Paldus.

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