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3 Tips for Radiant Skin this Party Season

3 Tips for Radiant Skin this Party Season

It’s a stressful, busy time of the year—and your skin is most likely showing it. To speed healing, try these super effective, ultra-calming strategies.

Ah, the holidays. This time of the year is plenty festive, but the late nights, lack of sleep and endless sugar can wreak havoc on your skin’s eco-system. Suddenly you’re stuck with redness, irritation and dullness—not to mention a lousy mood. Fortunately, the answer to calmer, clearer skin can be found in the plant world, and specifically, these Bia essentials, which tap into ancient Irish herbal knowledge to heal stressed skin. Try these quick tips to rebalance your complexion on the fly.


Wake Up Your Eyes

Sleep-deprived eyes need an extra boost to look normal again. Store your Bia Eye Gel Cream in the fridge so it’s cool and then tap three dots under your eyes. Gently massage in with your pinky finger—you’ll stimulate circulation to rid puffiness and the gel’s anti-inflammatory arnica and hydrating aloe vera and bladder wrack even out skin fast. (You can also rub a little on your temples if you have a headache).


Fix Dry Patches Fast

Balms have a unique consistency to nourish damaged skin—they trap in moisture while still letting your skin breathe. For a soothing ritual to maximize the benefits, apply a layer of Bia Skin Superfood on clean skin and lay a warm washcloth over your face—the heat helps the botanicals absorb (and it feels amazing). Let sit for five or so minutes, rub in the remaining balm and viola: radiant, glowy skin.   


Revive Dull Skin in Seconds

For a pre-party trick, mix a drop of Bia Facial Oil into your liquid foundation—the infusion of lightweight plant oils (rosehip, sea buckthorn, prickly pear) will instantly hydrate skin so it has more life and reflects light. It’s the next best thing to getting a facial (because who has time for that?).


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