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A Men’s Skincare Routine that Really Works

A Men’s Skincare Routine that Really Works

Men’s skincare routines often prioritize efficiency over pampering. At Codex Labs, we’d like to change that. Giving your face a good, thorough cleansing and moisturizing can (and should!) feel good, too. In honor of Father’s Day, we designed a super relaxing yet ultra-effective facial treatment to clear out pores, soften tough patches, and give skin a healthy, rested glow—which is something that hardworking dads deserve every day. Cheers to you, guys.


Step 1: Cleanse and Exfoliate

First, make your cleansing experience calming: Massage the Bia Wash Off Cleansing Oil into your face using small, circular motions to remove dirt from pores. Then, gently rub a warm, damp washcloth all over your face to take off the cleanser—the heat helps relax your muscles and the nubby texture of the washcloth provides a light exfoliation.


Step 2: Add a Layer of Comfort

The difference between skin that feels great or not-so-great (think tight and dry) after cleansing? Facial oil. You have to layer one under your moisturizer for an extra dose of hydration (especially if you shave regularly, which can lead to redness and irritation). Bia Facial Oil seals in a blend of soothing, nourishing botanicals (prickly pear, rosehip) but doesn’t leave a greasy residue.


Step 3: Moisturize Well

Top your face oil with a cream—this creates an occlusive barrier, so all the nutrients you just applied will remain in your skin and not evaporate. Our Bia Day Cream contains serrated wrack, a sustainably-harvested seaweed that’s rich in reparative minerals—but has a lightweight texture so you won’t feel sticky even on hot days.    


Step 4: Revive Your Eyes

The eye zone is often neglected in skincare routines, but it’s first area to show signs of aging and fatigue. The skin here also happens to be thin, so it needs a cream with a different texture than a face cream to absorb well. Our Bia Eye Gel Cream has a unique gel-cream consistency to help it sink in quickly and it’s loaded with calming aloe vera, cucumber and arnica to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Tip: Store the tube in the fridge so it goes on with a cooling sensation to wakes you up in the morning.  


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