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Skincare for Dry, Sensitive Skin Awarded Psoriasis Seal

Skincare for Dry, Sensitive Skin Awarded Psoriasis Seal

Codex Labs Awarded National Psoriasis Foundations Seal of Recognition for Psoriasis Safe Skincare Products

 We’re thrilled to share Codex Labs has been awarded the coveted Seal of Recognition for Psoriasis Safe Skincare by The National Psoriasis Foundation in time for World Psoriasis Day.

For the global community of 125 million battling psoriasis and the millions more dealing with sensitive skin, we are happy to offer a skincare routine that’s safe for sensitive skin and symptoms of psoriasis.


The National Psoriasis Foundations Seal of Recognition recognizes the following five Codex Labs products as safe to use daily for sensitive skin to severely sensitive skin as part of your psoriasis skincare plan:  Bia Skin Superfood, Bia Exfoliating Wash, Bia Facial Oil, Antu Brightening Moisturizer, and Antu Brightening Serum.


Our skin care routine for sensitive skin and individuals with psoriasis protects and restores the skin barrier while also supporting the microbiome—and is clinically proven to be non-irritating and safe for those living with psoriatic disease and severely sensitive skin.


Codex Labs products awarded the Seal are clinically proven to hydrate, and retain moisture without irritating the dry, itchy, flaky symptoms of psoriasis. Lets take a deeper look at how our Bia and Antü products individually calm, hydrate, and nourish sensitive, dry, irritated, psoriasis-prone skin. In addition, all products are Certified Vegan and Cruelty-Free and are dermatologist tested and recommended for dry, sensitive skin.



 Codex Beauty Labs Bia Exfoliating Wash

Bia Exfoliating Wash

Our creamy cleanser for dry, irritated skin gently exfoliates with jojoba grains to effectively remove dead skin cells without stripping moisture while also supporting your natural microbiome. Using breakthrough Irish ingredients this exfoliating wash is clinically proven to smoothen and soften skin—cleansing with castor oil, soothing redness with milk thistle, and toning with elderflower. Our Bia Exfoliating Wash also contains inflammation-fighting Omega-3 and fatty acids (GLA)—known as Gamma linolenic acid—a fatty substance derived from plant seed oils known to treat skin conditions like psoriasis.

Learn More about Bia Exfoliating Wash



Bia Hydrating Skin Superfood

Quench parched skin with this award-winning hydration hero for sensitive, dry skin to quickly restore your skin barrier. Our rich, restorative soothing cream for your face, hands, and body is clinically proven to hydrate, soften, and smooth out uneven tone while supporting the natural microbiome. Hailed for our patented BiaComplex™—it soothes with calendula, hydrates with immortelle, improves water retention with heartsease, locks in moisture with marshmallow, and helps shed dry, outer layers with comfrey. Our Bia Hydrating Skin Superfood also restores and calms dry, scaly skin with Vitamin B12 and anti-inflammatory Omega-3,  both proven to be effective in treating psoriasis.

Learn More about Bia Skin Superfood

 Codex Beauty Labs Bia Skin Superfood



 Codex Beauty Labs Bia Nourishing Facial Oil

Bia Nourishing Facial Oil

This rich dry oil for sensitive, irritated skin locks in moisture, increases suppleness, smooths flaky skin, boosts hydration, and protects the skin barrier. Clinically proven to soften, balance, and support your natural microbiome— vitamins and essential fatty acids from rosehip, prickly pear, kiwi, baobab, and sea buckthorn oils nourish on contact, with essential minerals and anti-oxidants from serrated wrack. Our Bia Nourishing Facial Oil also contains inflammation-fighting Omega-3 and a cocktail of vitamins including Vitamin A and B12 which has been shown to help improve psoriasis symptoms by reducing the overproduction  of skin cells.

Learn More about Bia Nourishing Facial Oil



Antü Brightening Serum

Infuse your complexion with our gentle but potent, antioxidant-rich serum for seriously sensitive skin to hydrate, plump, and reduce the appearance of redness. Made with our patented Patagonian AntüComplex™, this rejuvenating face serum restores and protects the skin barrier. Clinically proven to hydrate, plump, and firm dull, dry or uneven skin—it’s formulated with hibiscus to smoothen the appearance of fine lines, cherimoya to calm, and milk thistle to reduce the appearance of redness. Our Antü Brightening Serum also contains moisture-magnet Hyaluronic Acid and our powerful M3 antioxidants known to effectively manage dry skin and the stubborn itchiness associated with psoriasis, and provide anti-aging benefits like increased collagen production.

Learn More about Antü Brightening Serum

 Codex Beauty Labs Antü Brightening Serum



 Codex Beauty Labs Antü Brightening Moisturizer

Antü Brightening Moisturizer

This restorative daytime moisturizer for dry, flaky, sensitive skin restores and protects the skin barrier while defending against exposure to airborne particulate matter pollutants. Made with patented, anti-oxidant-rich AntüComplex™, it's clinically proven to hydrate skin and refine the appearance of pores. Use daily to revitalize dry, dull, and uneven skin with hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate, murumuru butter to lock in moisture, and camapu and entadine to protect from all environmental stressors.  Antü Brightening Moisturizer also contains a powerhouse cocktail of Vitamins A, C, E and F to brighten one’s complexion and help protect against some of the oxidative stress that occurs with psoriasis.

Learn More about Antü Brightening Moisturizer

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