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5 Massage Moves to Lift Skin

5 Massage Moves to Lift Skin

You can get more results out of your creams and serums when you apply them with these self-massage moves, reveals New York City facialist Nachi Kanemaru Glick of Mist Beauty. 

Having a healthy, radiant complexion isn’t only about what you apply—but how you apply your products, too. Sweeping on serums and creams with the right technique can boost the benefits, in fact. “Massaging can help the active ingredients absorb more deeply,” says Nachi Kanemaru Glick, the New York City-based facialist and founder of Mist Beauty. Having studied massage in Japan, Glick learned five essential moves that she incorporates into her practice today, including pressing on the skin to activate acupressure points and stimulate lymphatic drainage and rolling to enhance circulation. Here, she shares a quick, at-home massage with Bia products to lift, tone and energize the face.

Mix up Your Elixir: For dewy and healthy skin, combine three pumps of Bia Skin Superfood with five to 10 drops of Bia Facial Oil in your palm and rub your hands together. If you need to replenish your skin during the massage, spread another pump of Skin Superfood between your palms.


Step 1: Place your fingers on the center of your chin and in an upward, gliding motion, move your fingers toward your temples.


Step 2: Then place your fingers on each side of your mouth and, again, in an upward motion, sweep your fingers toward your temples.  


Step 3: Lastly, place your fingers at the side of your nose and, again, move your fingers toward your temples.  Repeat these three steps, five to ten times.


Step 4: Next place your fingers on your temples and glide up into your hairline, repeating this move five to seven times. 


Step 5: Finally, place your fingers at the bridge of your nose and push up toward your forehead, repeating this move five to seven times.


Afterward, your skin will look lifted and rosy, since you’ve worked to increase circulation and blood flow. Plus, these moves give your skin a firming workout, says Glick. “I always emphasize that the importance of massage is about exercising your face muscles—while also making it glow.”


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