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Fresh Skin Trends For Spring

Fresh Skin Trends For Spring

’Get The Look’ with these sustainable favourites

Fresh, dewy complexions continue to take center stage this spring with skinimalism bidding a welcomed farewell to the multi-step routine.

At Codex Beauty Labs, we aim to empower our community with education and clinically proven results—offering paired-down, highly efficacious rituals. So this spring, we’re excited to cover three emerging skin trends you can easily achieve at home using our products.


Trend One: Your Skin, But Better

Spring is all about faking a long-lasting tropical glow. Hello, staycations! Make way for effortless makeup over glowing skin for a vibrant, dewy complexion. The key? Long lasting serum and barrier repair! Heres how to achieve the look and revitalize your skin barrier from all that additional sun exposure.

Even the catwalks are commanding naturally flush makeup this season, but the key to these dewy looks is what lies underneath.



Bia Facial Oil

Designed to balance your skin, our dry oil softens for an unmistakable glow. Packed with emollient-rich oils, Bia Facial Oil conditions for a smooth, polished surface. Throw on SPF and a few taps of concealer, and you’re good to go!



Bia Skin Superfood

A treatment cream for the face, hands, and body, Bia Skin Superfood is enriched with potent BiaComplex™ to clinically promote smoother skin and more even skin tone for less makeup coverup and amp up hydration, to guard against transepidermal water loss and protect the skin barrier. We love packing this all-in-one skin savor in our bag for use on the whole family.





Trend Two: Fresh Healthy Skin As Natural Foundation

Again, it’s all about enhancing the complexion with skincare to let your natural beauty shine through. Keep things as minimal as possible by prepping your morning and night with reparative hydration and active protection.



Antu Brightening Moisturizer

To help with UV recovery for days in the sun, layer our protective cream under your SPF. Antu Brightening Moisturizer also helps blur imperfections by refining the appearance of pores for a smoother complexion. Defend against exposure to airborne particulate matter pollutants with our patent-pending, potent AntuComplex™ while also brightening and re-hydrating as you take in all that Vitamin-D.



Antu Brightening Night Cream

Cushion your complexion with our rich, nourishing night cream designed to restore the skin barrier overnight. Clinically proven to improve skin tone uniformity and help rebuild collagen in just eight weeks, Antu Brightening Night Cream makes a case for makeup-free days ahead.





Trend Three: Just What You Need

Focus on a minimalist routine that delivers results you can truly see and feel. We approach microbiome health with a 'less is more' policy by providing products that are MyMicrobiome certified and that have clinically proven results.  Because they are so effective, you can reduce the number of products in your routine AND reduce your waste. We believe this is a crucial step for the future of beauty because it's good for both the microbiome and the macrobiome—known as the health of the ecological community to which we belong!


Sustainable Standouts

Ahead of the minimalist trend of 2020, we have always believed in developing what works—and that’s a paired-down, science-based, sustainable-driven vanity. We strive in contributing to the health of the ecosystem by minimizing the raw materials that we use, not adding to pollution, and not manufacturing products you don’t need. From the Bia Pamper Care Kit to Bia Exfoliating Wash, our soothing bestsellers not only repair skin in time for spring—they reduce carbon footprint, promote biodiversity, and support fair trade. 




We hope you implement these new trends to maximize your skin health this new season ahead! As always, we’re here to answer any questions you have. Feel free to follow us and reach out via social anytime at @codexbeauty.


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