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How Codex Beauty  Got Its Name

How Codex Beauty Got Its Name

We believe knowledge is the new luxury in skin care. This philosophy informs everything we create, including our company name. The word “codex” derives from the ancient bound manuscripts that forever changed the way humans share information. By around the first century AD, the codex replaced the scroll as it made for easier reading, carrying and organization. These early versions of the modern book quickly became the universal standard in the Western world—and often detailed the latest scientific and medical advances for all to read.

Codex Beauty wants to serve the beauty industry in a similar way. By sharing our practices—everything from test results to ingredient sourcing to production methods—we aim to be completely transparent about how our products are made and realistic about their benefits. It’s time to set a new standard in truthful, clean beauty. Consider Codex Beauty the first chapter in the future of skin care.

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