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How-To Recover From The Sun

How-To Recover From The Sun

Is reducing TEWL and Inflammaging the key?


We love summer for getting outdoors and soaking up tons of Vitamin D, but often all that sun can lead to sun damage. Our Antü Collection helps your skin recover from the effects of UV rays by reducing trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) and inflammaging while supporting the microbiome and protecting the skin barrier. In addition, each Antü product features an Efficacy Panel on every box to help consumers feel empowered to shop by clinically-proven functionalities like increasing hydration, decreasing TEWL, and decreasing pore visibility.

As our founder, Barbara Paldus, Ph.D. mentioned recently in MindBodyGreen, Codex Beauty Labs is focused on scientific ingenuity to measure the health of our skin. Designed to deliver the gold standard in after-sun repair, the entire Antü Collection has been specially formulated to inhibit transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and exposome-related stress (like urban pollution) both of which contribute to inflammaging. These two key factors are necessary for protecting and repairing your skin from damage caused by the sun and all other environmental stressors (think smog).


Reducing TEWL & Inflammaging

Reducing TEWL (transepidermal water loss) is key to recovering from sun damage because your skin’s ability to retain needed moisture is directly related to the health of its barrier function. An increase in TEWL can lead to dehydration and inflammation, which can be brought on by too much sun exposure and resultant sun damage.    


Your skin barrier helps safeguard your complexion from harmful UV rays. Including Antü products as part of your daily skin regimen can help optimize hydration levels in your skin enabling it to recover from the harmful effects of the sun, while acting as a preventative anti-aging beauty secret guarding your complexion against reactive oxidative stress!

Reducing unavoidable, continuous low-grade inflammation (also known as inflammaging) associated with sun and environmental pollutant exposure can help lessen tissue damage, soothe irritation, and assist in recovering from sun and other exposome-related damage.


How Does Antü Help Recover From Sun Damage?

Our Antü Collection offers category disrupting innovation in reparative skincare to reduce inflammaging and fight TEWL with our patent-pending AntüComplexTM, designed with the clinically-proven ability to soothe irritation and support recovery from inflammation caused by sun exposure and pollution.  

The secret is advanced plant-based biotechnology. Our patent-pending AntüComplex™ is packed with the power of bio-actives from three Patagonian plants—Maqui, Matico, and Murtilla—to soothe, reduce redness,and allow sensitized skin to recover from inflammaging. Each plant addresses skin inflammation in distinct yet synergistic ways to create powerhouse essentials to help your skin recover from sun damage. 


Three of our favorites from our AntüTM range that help to recover fromsun exposure include:


Antü Refreshing Gel Cleanser

Rehydrate and refine pores in an instant! Smoothen out your complexion with our all-purpose, refreshing mist to add a dewy glow under or over makeup—or wear alone to round out your invigorating Antü routine. It’s a travel essential, especially for long haul flights! We love storing it in a beauty fridge for a cool treat when we get home from a day out in nature!





Antü Brightening Serum

Use to brighten, re-hydrate, and re-densify your skin based on clin-ically-proven data, generated by an external third-party lab, show-ing that 97% of subjects using our serum experienced a 44% de-crease in TEWL within eight weeks. It’s also microbiome friendly!



Antü Brightening Moisturizer

Rising up the beauty industry ranks as a cult-favorite, go-to protec-tive cream for nourishing skin and assisting in its UV recovery, this powerhouse cream also refines the appearance of pores. And it, too, is microbiome friendly!


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