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Just Landed: The Air Day Everyday Kit

Just Landed: The Air Day Everyday Kit

100% of proceeds donated on 9/7 to benefit the CATF

In celebration of International Day of Clean Air on September 7, 2021, we’re helping to create awareness to prevent catastrophic climate change while aiding in skin recovery from air pollutants with the newly launched Air Day Everyday Kit.

For this important mission, Codex Beauty Labs has aligned with The Clean Air Task Force—aimed at reducing carbon emissions around the globe—by donating 100% of the proceeds from The Air Day Everyday Kit made on September 7th to benefit the CATF’s agenda to push for change in technologies and policies to get to a zero-emissions, high energy planet at an affordable cost.


In addition, 15% of proceeds from The Air Day Everyday Kit will be donated to The Clean Air Task Force for every kit sold after September 7th.

The Air Day Everyday Kit is designed to amp up skin recovery by cleansing and repairing from all airborne pollutants and environmental exposure with clinically proven biotech ingredients. This special air day bundle offers a gentle, revitalizing set of products aimed at preserving the outermost layer of your skin.

Your all-in-one pollution protection kit includes Antü Refreshing Gel Cleanser and an exclusive Air Soap and Korean Konjac Facial Sponge. Geared towards cleansing and repairing from all air pollutants with clinically proven biotech hero ingredients, the revitalizing trio works triple time to preserve your skin barrier, our planet, and benefit The Clean Task Force.


The fall is the perfect time to protect  from air pollutants as we head back home to our urban lives! Cleanse and repair your skin with a boost of biotech ingredients designed to preserve the skin barrier while leaving skin refreshed and free of all particulate matter pollutants.

Our limited-edition Air Soap is 100% sustainable—produced through up-cycled shavings to create a colorful, natural soap to celebrate Air Day, every day. Supremely reinvigorating, soothing, and softening—our Air Day Soap is packed with French pink clay and shea butter. The limited-edition, biodegradable Korean Konjac Facial Sponge is also sustainably produced with a 100% natural mixture of Konjac vegetable fiber and spring water to exfoliate, cleanse, and leave skin radiant and rejuvenated.


Our Antü Refreshing Gel Cleanser is ultra gentle and reinvigorating, offering a non-foaming cleansing experience to preserves the skin barrier and deeply cleanse the skin of particulate matter pollutants to reduce inflammaging.

Stop the guesswork when it comes to protecting your skin barrier (the outermost layer of your skin) against all that it encounters in a given day. Visit the entire Antü Collection to protect, restore, and strengthen the skin barrier by managing reactive oxidative stress (ROS) in skin while supporting the microbiome. Packed with our patent pending AntüComplex™, the entire collection is designed to soothe irritation and support ROS recovery, especially from sun exposure and pollution. 


Codex Beauty Labs stands aligned with CATF in the urgency to prevent catastrophic climate change through realistic solutions.

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