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Packaging That's Better for Health and the Earth

Packaging That's Better for Health and the Earth

Our ingredients are potent, precious and active—and for that reason, we take extra steps to package them very carefully. Rather than put our formulas in standard-issue containers—which can expose the contents to air, light and other weakening factors—Codex Beauty utilizes high-tech airless packaging.

 To explain the wonders behind this innovative technology—and why it creates better products for our health and environment—we asked Sunna Bjorg Helgadottir, our Chief Operating Officer, for the scientific scoop.


In basic terms, airless containers are designed to prevent the contents from “being exposed to the air,which can contain bacteria, spores and molds, and other gases in the atmosphere,” says Helgadottir.


Air and light tend to be the enemies of any formulation, but especially those with minimal preservatives. This is particularly important with vitamin C, which starts to degrade after first use and is sensitive to UV light. “Airless pumps protect the actives so the formulas maintain efficacy for longer, and certain Bia products—like Skin Superfood and Day Cream—come in extra durable, five-layer tubes to further minimize air and light,” Helgadottir says. Such multilayer tubes are commonly available—but not always utilized. “Traditionally, they cost more, and for that reason alone, many brands rule them out,” Helgadottir explains.


Unlike products that need to be scooped out with a finger, airless tubes deliver a perfect, pre-measured dose each time. Specifically, Codex uses a type of pump that limits “suck back,” or the pulling back of product that’s already come into contact with skin or the environment.  This greatly cuts down on bacterial contamination and the need for preservatives—crucial for a natural brand like Codex. Also, the pre-set dose “allows you to use about 95 percent of the contents in a bottle, much higher than you get with a traditional pump,” says Helgadottir.


Our five-layer tubes are made from green polyethylene, a sustainable plastic alternative with ethanol extracted from Brazilian sugarcane agricultural waste —a renewable raw material. Not only is this material recyclable and plant-based, but also the use of plant material rather than fossil fuels positively impacts the environment. “It captures and fixes the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during its production process, helping to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases,” says Helgadottir.  


Codex products that contain airless technology in the Bia collection include the Skin Superfood, Day Cream, Eye Gel Cream. The Exfoliating Wash is not available in an airless tube because its jojoba grains might block the pump. But it contains salicylic acid, an ingredient that not only balances skin but also works as a natural preservative. Our Facial Oil is made from pure botanical oils, which are considered to be self-preserving, and comes in glass dropper with an automated button to eliminate contact with the skin. And stay tuned for more airless innovations coming soon!

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