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The Future of Beauty is Biotech

The Future of Beauty is Biotech

Why cutting-edge science is the whitespace in beauty

With increased consumer awareness behind the power of every purchase, savvy shoppers are leaning into the evolution of science-backed beauty. From leading the charge in sustainability to delivering breakthroughs with lab-made ingredients, the future of beauty is science.

Never shying away from doing the right thing over the easy thing, Codex Beauty Labs believes science is nature’s original lab—working hard with ethnobotanists and plant scientists around the world to engineer science-based skincare for advanced clinical results and forever re-engineering sustainable practices in beauty. For us, transparency and efficacy drive our mission to create purposeful, mindful skincare essentials guided by the principle of better skincare, better for the planet. 


Enter Plant-Based Biotechnology

Biotechnology informs every facet of our beauty business—from performance to safety to data integrity. We approach scientific skincare by blending plant biology with biotech ingenuity to create a new standard for results-driven, sustainable beauty with third-party substantiated clinical results.

We believe in science, NOT storytelling, and invest in efficacy testing for every one of our products. Our industry-first Efficacy Panel sits on every box to help consumers make fact-based purchasing decisions. Mirroring the modern nutrition label, each Efficacy Panel displays quantifiable beauty data in an easy-to-understand format so consumers can shop based on product benefits.


Leading The Charge in Science-Forward Beauty

We’re honored that our genuine purpose for developing scientific-grade, seriously sustainable, performative skincare was recognized by Beauty Independent as a 2021 Beacon Awards Nominee under the category of ‘Inspiring Brands’ for innovation in ‘Product Launch Skincare.’

This nomination demonstrates how Codex Beauty Labs applies scientific standards to the world of beauty, using plant-based biotechnology to lead in sustainable beauty, define new categories, and develop skincare breakthroughs with visible results.


The brilliance of biotech is evident in the two years Codex Beauty Labs spent in developing AntüComplex, a new anti-oxidant cocktail from Patagonia that's as potent as Vitamin C. Designed to be shelf-stable, support the microbiome, and not negatively impact the NO-pathway for wound healing, Our AntüComplex™ products function as chemical barriers to stop free radicals and trap pollution at the surface while delivering powerful anti-oxidants through the skin barrier into the epidermis to allow re-densification and increase collagen.


Our Antü Collection offers cutting-edge bioactives to soothe irritation while leading the charge in combatting inflammaging (a soon-to-be hot topic in anti-aging) and lowering your exposome (everything your skin is exposed to throughout your lifetime).


Looking ahead, biotechnology will continuously provide the ingenuity to forecast what’s next in skincare. Science allows us to innovate, not replicate what’s already out there to pioneer a more sustainable future in beauty and drive results the consumer is excited to see.


Ideas for more sustainable beauty with Amy Hamm


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