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Bio Scientist putting plant in flask. Codex Beauty with Science

Why is Science Important for Beauty

Here’s how our approach is different—and what it means to your skin.

To create truly innovative and high performance products, Codex takes a multi-disciplinary approach to beauty, drawing on many different branches of science. 

Depending on the problem to be solved, we work with experts from botany, biology, microbiology, genetics, agriculture, environmental science, herbal science, chemical engineering, toxicology, and dermatology to name a few! 

Science can teach us a lot about skincare. Here’s a peak at how the different branches of science impact the lifecycle of our products…

  • Ingredient Selection: Botany and historical research teaches us what plant-based bio-active compounds to use and which parts of the plants to harvest.
  • Ingredient Processing: Herbal science and biochemistry teaches us how best to extract the bio-actives compounds from the plants and how to combine these extracts when designing a product that delivers results.
  • Ingredient Sourcing: Agriculture teaches us how to select organically and sustainably grown plants and manage wild harvesting of plants that cannot be grown in large quantities.
  • Preservatives: Biochemistry teaches us what plant-based ingredients have protective capabilities and microbiology principles teaches us how to design a preservative system to protect against potential contamination.
  • Allergy Testing: Chemical and medical knowledge, specifically toxicology, teaches us how to review for allergens and properly test for safety.
  • Efficacy Testing: Dermatology teaches us how to design meaningful human efficacy tests and measure product benefits (such as hydration, firming, wrinkle depth reduction).
  • Sustainability: Environmental science teaches us to protect native species (plants and animals) when scaling up product production. Material science plays a role in developing new bio-based plastics and fabrics. And forestry determines how to produce sustainable packaging.

Stay tuned for more beauty breakthroughs…

The only limitations of science-based beauty are imposed by our imaginations.  We are big believers that if you can measure something, then you can understand it—and improve upon it. Analytics and innovative thinking are key!

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