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6 Easy Tips For Living Sustainably

6 Easy Tips For Living Sustainably

Celebrate Earth Day with ideas you can implement everyday!

Happy Earth Day, friends! We love celebrating Earth Day today and every day—that’s why we lead with seriously sustainable practices like reducing our carbon footprint and living by our beauty-code ethos. To honor this Earth Day, we’re launching a special “Earth Day Every Day Bundle” gift set that gives back by “Planting It Forward” with One Tree Planted!

Our special Earth Day bundle contains our Exfoliating Wash (which uses Green polyethylene tubes made from renewable sugarcane to reduce greenhouse gas) and two certified Carbon Neutral Plus bar soaps (including an upcycled soap). Another exciting aspect of this exclusive bundle is the giveback piece to the global reforestation non-profit organization One Tree Planted.

With the “Planting It Forward” initiative, One Tree Planted will plant a tree for every bundle sold online—placing particular importance on reforesting in the Andes Mountains in South America.

And to further celebrate Earth Day, we’re sharing six easy-to-implement ideas for living more sustainably—full of tips you can start doing today!


Opt For Reusable

Go the route of reusable daily items like washcloths instead of disposable paper products, sustainable coffee mugs instead of throw-away cups, and eco-friendly water canisters that save plastic bottles from ending up in the ocean and landfills. Get used to resealable food-grade storage bags instead of disposable zip-lock bags and make personal shopping bags a way of life (if you aren’t already). Try rechargeable batteries to produce less waste, save energy, and save money.


Cut Down On Plastic

Avoid single-use plastic wherever possible, always. If opting for individual drinking bottles, make sure the bottles are constructed from recyclable packing. This water bottle is made from sustainably sourced fibers and has a cap made from sugarcane. 


Aside from our Earth Day Every Day Bundle, Codex Beauty Labs puts sustainability at the forefront every day by using innovative biotech-manufactured ingredients wherever possible, recycling raw plant materials when extractions are used, or using PEFC certified packaging cartons. We aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible at every step.


Upcycle &  Recycle

Refurbish old furniture, buy used items in amazing condition, go-thrifting, donate old clothing to those in need or second-hand shops, and use recycling bins at home.


Give Back

According to One Tree Planted, “A growing population and increasing agricultural production have caused significant deforestation. The forests of the Andes are critical for the Indigenous populations who rely on them for food, water, and jobs. But their impact goes far beyond the communities living nearby; the Andes' watersheds drain into the Amazon basin, supplying water to innumerable communities and cities downstream.” Donate to charities, non-profits, and organizations like One Tree Planted that are creating lasting change for our planet.


“We have partnered with One Tree Planted because we share a common vision to make a positive impact on our planet with new trees that offset carbon footprint, stabilize soil, support the water cycle by capturing rain water, provide habitats for many species, and heal damaged ecosystems. Having spent time in the Andes while developing our new Antü collection, we wanted to directly give back to this region and its indigenous peoples.”

— Barbara Paldus, CEO and Founder of Codex Beauty Labs


Don’t Be Wasteful

Avoid using electricity when you don't have to—turning off the lights and the TV when not in use is always a good start! Consider hang-drying your clothes (for zero emissions) or washing items in cold water (it takes energy to heat water) and scrubbing your dishes by hand instead of running the dishwasher. Another tip is to wait until the dishwasher is full before running it to save further. Also, avoid letting the water run longer than you have to, and stop buying cheap, disposable items you simply do not need. The planet benefits when were all eco-smart consumers.


Save Energy

LEDs use up to 85 percent less energy, last way longer than traditional bulbs, and are cheaper to run than energy-wasting incandescent lights. Turn off your computer and unplug devices when not in use. Also, get in the habit of unplugging your electronics when traveling. Take on bigger investment projects when you can like renovating old windows and insulating your home to save energy and cut costs.


Get more tips on how to live sustainably by catching up on our interview with Steph Shep and learn more about the ways Codex Beauty Labs is leading sustainable beauty forward by watching the fireside with our CEO and Founder Barbara Paldus and Stephanie Shepherd. We believe education is our greatest influencer, so staying informed is how you can make the biggest impact for not only your skin, but our planet. Help drive meaningful purpose and create awareness by following and sharing our Informed, Not Influenced campaign on social. As always, we love hearing from you on Instagram so be sure to use our #informednotinfluenced hashtag and tag us to help educate your friends, raise real transparency together in the world of beauty, and amplify the ways you’re giving back to our beautiful planet!

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