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Fall 2021 Beauty Trends

Fall 2021 Beauty Trends

Good news for the skin-obsessed; radiant skin is in this fall.


Luckily for all of us skincare aficionados, minimal makeup—and breathable skin—are what’s hot when it comes to fall 2021 beauty trends. Even though pops of color are at play with bold liners and smoldering reversed cat eyes, skin is still very much in.

Investing in a thicker moisturizer for that “season-less glow” is an essential part of keeping skin hydrated for the colder temps ahead and super soft, supple skin primed for lighter makeup application and buildable coverage. 


Breathable Skin

Our Bia Hydrating Skin Superfood is ideal for transitioning from summer to fall because it provides ample, lightweight hydration and blends seamlessly under makeup for a breathable skin look and feel. We also love using Bia Hydrating Skin Superfood in areas we're more prone to dryness (like around the nose) to prep our skin for a smoother, flawless makeup application. Also, if you experience flakiness after applying makeup, dab Bia Skin Superfood on top of your makeup to spot-treat and seal in nourishing moisture. Skin Superfood is also clinically proven to soften and soothe irritated skin with ingredients backed by efficacy data—a necessity as we head into fall.  Also, be sure to top off your Skin Superfood routine with Bia Nourishing Facial Oil to lock in that extra moisture as we head into fall to combat flakes before they start. Beauty Tip: Makeup artists also love using Bia Nourishing Facial Oil as a primer for luxuriously hydrated skin. 


Lined Eyes

Sci-fi-inspired graphic eyeliner and lined eyes put the eyes center stage with fun shades like deep burgundies and rich blues so keeping eyes hydrated and looking rested is crucial when pulling off these stunning looks. Because these bold eye looks also rely on emphasizing one’s natural skin tone, an eye gel like our Bia Hydrating Eye Gel is key to reducing puffiness, keeping the lids and under eyes hydrated and more radiant while also smoothing out the skin. You can also opt for Antü Brightening Eye Cream to decrease redness and dark circles, increase firmness, and give the eye a brighter appearance. 


Lightly Highlighted Skin

Lightly highlighted skin is a pretty, soft, and healthy look that is way more subtle than contouring. Adding highlight to the high points of the face looks ultra-fresh for fall—so using a brightening cream and serum to amp up the dew factor is a good idea. Try our biotech-based Antü Brightening Serum to give your skin a firm, plump, glowy look and also fight inflammaging (defined as the continuous inflammation associated with aging) or opt for the handy Protecting & Restoring Antü Bundle for extra luminosity, to wash away impurities, and treat your skin to immediate relief after the sun.



Learn more about Inflammaging: What Is It & How To Combat It here.

Top your glowing skin look with a beautiful bold lip, and you've got wearable fall beauty looks down to a science!

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