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How To Protect Your Skin From Pollution

How To Protect Your Skin From Pollution

Consider this an anti-pollution skin SOS

Air pollution is killing close to 5 million people a year, and harming billions more.   Protecting your skin from pollution should be a part of your everyday beauty regimen, but it doesn’t need to add further stress. We’re sending out an anti-pollution skin SOS as we head into fall because defending your complexion against inflammatory pollutants just takes some clear understanding. You see, air pollution, UV rays, and everyday toxic particulates from urban living can lead to irritation, inflammation, premature aging, dehydrated skin, hyperpigmentation, excess dryness, visible pores, blackheads, acne, and more. Read on as we break down some easy-to-use pollution protection steps for you to follow.


But First, Anti-Pollution Claims

When designing and formulating Antü, our anti-pollution protocol, we took a clinically-focused approach to deliver maximum results with an edited, minimal amount of products. The reason? We want to serve as your anti-pollution skin authority. We take the impact of pollution on your skin and the need for proper efficacy testing on anti-pollution claims very seriously. Exposure to daily pollution negatively impacts the microbiome and leads to reactive oxidative stress, and a condition we write a lot about on The Lab Edit known as inflammaging (accelerated aging from inflammation).

Because pollutants can weaken the skin barrier function and some can even penetrate through the skin (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons found in vehicle exhaust emissions or wildfire smoke, are ‘fat-loving’ (lipophilic) and can easily pass through the fat-filled spaces between skin cells of the stratum cornuem), it's our mission to scientifically design products that are clinically proven to protect your skin from the negative impact of pollutants and restore your skin's optimal function capacity. We evaluate our anti-pollution claims by conducting third-party reliable testing to substantiate whether or not our products and ingredients have significant anti-pollution effects via in vivo* human efficacy testing. [*Source: The Impact of Pollution on Skin and Proper Efficacy Testing for Anti-Pollution Claims by Cosmetics, 2018, MDPI]

We focus on the science of skin and use biotechnology to transform the way products are made—from sourcing ingredients to formulating products that leave a fatty (lipid) layer with anti-oxidants on top of the skin but deliver water-soluble anti-oxidants through the skin barrier and epidermis—for multifunctional skincare that is efficacious, trustworthy, and free of data washing. Transparency leads everything we do—that’s why you'll find all of the results from our clinical studies on our Efficacy Panel listed on every box—a first for the industry!


Why Rescue Your Skin From Pollution?

For us, it was paramount to build out an effective pollution protection skincare range (think of it as your go-to pollution rescue routine) powered by clinical proof to defend against inflammaging, premature aging, irritation, and redness backed by the proven power of plant-based, biotech ingredients.

Everyday toxins, oxidative stress, and pollution can quickly accumulate on your skin causing inflammation, free radicals, blocked pores, lost luster, advanced lines and wrinkles, texture problems, and tons more imperfections.


Your Anti-Pollution Skin Routine

Our Antü collection protects, restores, and strengthens your skin barrier by managing reactive oxidative stress (ROS) in your skin and supporting your microbiome. Our patented AntüComplexTM reduces oxidative stress and rescues your skin from the effects of pollution like soothing redness after sun exposure.


Cleanse Away Pollutants

It’s necessary to thoroughly cleanse your face to get rid of as many pollutants as possible, along with the dirt and grime that quickly builds up. We suggest our first-of-its-kind Antü Refreshing Gel Cleanser to cleanse, smooth, balance, and protect while also removing oiliness and a decrease in skin flakiness. This is an ideal cleanser as we move into the fall and winter season. Our gentle cleanser is specifically designed to preserve the skin barrier and remove 81% of accumulated particulate matter pollutants using our special blend consisting of our proprietary M3™ formula, Quillay (Soap Bark) and Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate to smooth, protect, and balance oiliness (exposure to pollution increases sebum production) without over drying your complexion.


Protect & Rehydrate

Acting as a pollution shield (from 92% of PM2.5 airborne particulates), Antü Brightening Moisturizer protects and prevents your skin from inflammaging (inflammation caused by  sun damage and pollutants) by neutralizing the effects of environmental stressors before they even hit your skin. Our editor-praised Antü Brightening Moisturizer also deeply hydrates while refining the appearance of pores for a smoother, more radiant complexion. Our entire range of Antü products is infused with the healing power of Patagonian plants. Use it to protect and recover from UV rays and airborne pollution that stay on your skin from urban dwelling and even the dry climate of life indoors! Note how our moisturizer gradually decreases visible pores (so particulates can’t enter them), and boosts luminosity. In fact, in self-assessments during our clinical trials, 82% of subjects agreed their skin was more radiant and luminous and 76% agreed their skin was softer and more toned. Continue with added moisture and a reduction of dark circles under the eyes with Antü Brightening Eye Cream for an even brighter, more even-toned appearance and another 88% shielding effect from particulate pollution. 


Plump & Refresh

Acting as an additional source of protection (from 92% of PM2.5 airborne particulates), our Antü Brightening Serum calms, rebalances and protects. Used under your Antü moisturizer, it also creates a protective layer on the skin surface that contains anti-oxidants to neutralize pollution and protect the microbiome. It delivers anti-oxidants through the entire skin barrier layer and into the epidermis to help it recover from reactive oxidative stress and restore its ability to rebuild collagen (and thereby re-densify). Clinically proven to even out your complexion and firm your skin, you’ll love the extra dose of hydration to quench dry, uneven patches this fall.

Finish your routine with Antü Radiance Mist to add immediate hydration to parched skin this fall and winter and further refine pores before or after makeup. 91% of test subjects experienced a 21% increase in smoothness in just two weeks. And lastly, recover while you sleep with Antü Brightening Night Cream to leave skin soft and radiant and repair a damaged skin barrier during shut-eye!




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