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Herbal science takes the best parts from traditional herbal medicine, hundreds of years of experience and knowledge, and builds on it with modern tools. Advances in analytical sciences and chemistry, including mass spectroscopy (a technical approach of distinguishing molecules by mass and weight), and other scientific methods have helped to identify and evaluate many plants and herbs—and find those with the greatest therapeutic effects.

There is a large body of scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of plants—and their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, skin-cell-regenerating, circulation-stimulating and moisturizing benefits, to name a few. And more discoveries are made each day. With this growing body of scientific research, artificially made constituents like silicones can be replaced by coconut, castor bean, and sugar cane, as plant derivatives.

Natural vs Organic

Codex Beauty exclusively uses organic ingredients. There is an important difference between a product that calls itself “natural” and “organic.” While this difference may sound subtle, there is profound meaning behind achieving organic certification. Being able to use the term organic means that the product has gone through a rigorous verification process that examines the quality and source of each and every ingredient in the formula.


To formulate an exceptional product requires an exceptional team of people. Collectively, we are a team made up of herbal scientists, chemists, and dermatologists who are in the business of helping people – naturally.

We use naturally-occurring ingredients and those with the highest purity available. We strive to maximize the effects and benefits of our formulations. And we remain on the forefront of the newest advancements to ensure you get the best products possible.

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