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Along with knowing what benefits each plant and herb can impart to skin, it’s important to understand the growing practices of plants and herbs.This is where horticulture becomes important. We work with growers and gatherers to ensure we get the best plant-based materials. Moreover, these materials are free of pesticides and herbicides and harvested at the peak of development. We believe in fair trade and fostering long-term relationships with farmers and suppliers. A culture of quality first remains central to our company and products.

Organic Farming

Organic farming is a conscious and deliberate attempt to produce beneficial crops in a natural way. We believe in giving you the best the earth can provide without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified products. Our safe and systematic approach emphasizes companion planting, crop rotation, and naturally occurring fertilizers.

Wild Harvesting

Codex Beauty utilizes a method known as wild harvesting to obtain the plants, or parts of the plant, needed for our organic cosmetics. Wild harvesting, or foraging, allows us to select sturdy plants that are naturally part of the environment and provide the most effective extracts. This practice helps maintain a respectful connection with nature and includes being environmentally aware and only taking what is needed.

We remain mindful of how we wild harvest, always taking into consideration the impact on plants and general ecology surrounding the area. We work with experienced foragers to ensure the plants we use are the best quality. We also want to make sure wild areas are respected at all times.

Organic Standards

Codex Beauty is COSMOS certified, which is the global organic and natural cosmetics standard. The guiding principles for COSMOS include:

  • promote the use of products from organic agriculture and respect biodiversity
  • use natural resources responsibly and respect the environment
  • use processing and manufacturing methods that are clean and respectful of human health and the environment
  • integrate and develop the concept of “green chemistry”
  • ensure packaging is minimized and environmentally friendly


Click here to learn more about our Organic Sourcing philosophies and practices.

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