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What is IP?

Often referred to as ‘IP’, Intellectual Property is analogous to physical property- except that you typically can’t see it, feel it or pick it up. This is why it’s referred to as an “intangible” asset. Intellectual property is often used to declare ownership of original ideas, inventions, designs and know-how that are protected by patents, trademarks, copyrights or trade secrets (think the Coke formula!). Lots of individuals and businesses choose to take legal ownership of their Intellectual Property to protect their uniquely created subject matter from being unlawfully copied and used by others.

When it comes to patents, this protective IP right can only be granted by a government within their jurisdiction, which means that if a business wishes to hold patents for the same idea in multiple countries, it must apply for patents in each individual country of interest which will perform its own evaluation of whether the invention is worthy of being granted a patent. It is also a great indicator to the consumer that the company has truly created something innovative and scientifically supported as the governmental patent review process is done by one or more experts in the field who have a science and/or engineering degree.

By patenting our products, we can prevent others from making, using or selling them without our permission. Because of all the scientific effort and resources spent on discovering and developing our incredibly efficacious products, our patents give us practical protection from copycats, while at the same time protecting you from lower quality imitations.

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