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Summer time skin care products set together by Codex Beauty

A Facialist’s Secrets to Heal Post-Summer Skin

Superstar facialist—and Codex Beauty ambassador—Nachi Kanemaru Glick reveals her technique to revive tired skin with plant-infused masks, massage and more.

At Mist Beauty studio in New York City, facialist Nachi Kanemaru Glick spends her post-Labor-Day plans repairing the complexions of her luminous-skin clients. For many, the seasonal climate change—the shift from summer to fall—can leave skin dry, dull and worn-out. Everything from the blistering sun (yes, even with SPF you’re still exposed) to arctic air-conditioned spaces to build-up from sweat and oil can “be very damaging,” says Nachi, who employs a mix of manual massage techniques and modern technology in her 5th Avenue practice. “It’s important to treat the damage now,” she advises, otherwise, “you increase the risk of encountering more skin troubles later.”


Among the multitude of elixirs, scrubs and serums in her treatment room, Nachi is also partial to the Bia collection, which, she says, is both “healing and gentle.” Here, she shares her go-to fixes for bring skin back to life with the Bia range—in your own bathroom.


To clear up congestion, try a simple face wash hack.

“The Exfoliating Wash is actually perfect to use as a treatment mask to remove stubborn impurities and dead skin without drying out your complexion,” she says of the wash, which is infused with jojoba grains and toning elderflower. “Just apply the wash directly to your face and make a thick layer. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then gently splash with a warm water rinse.”  

Whip up a super-hydrating cocktail. 

“A simple trick to seal in dewy moisture is to mix three pumps of Skin Superfood with three drops of Face Oil. Blend in your palm and apply to your face,” she says of the deeply nourishing, paste-like concoction. “Then moisten a washcloth or paper towel with water or a hydrating toner and place over your face.” This trick creates an occlusive barrier to help the paste absorb. “Leave it on for 10 minutes and there you go! A homemade hydration mask.”

Give yourself a healing—and holistic—brightening massage.

“I always stress the importance of facial massage as part of your skincare regimen,” says Nachi. “It’s fairly simple and can do wonders.” Her easy move is a lymphatic drainage massage, which detoxes skin and boosts circulation. “Simply use your fingers to apply pressure on each side of your nose. Slowly push down and move over your cheeks toward your ears. Press behind your ears and then down your neck. Repeat this 10-15 times. It improves blood circulation, resulting in brighter skin. And trust me it really works.”
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