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A Japanese Facialist’s Skincare Secrets

A Japanese Facialist’s Skincare Secrets

Nachi Kanemaru Glick, Codex Beauty’s new facialist ambassador, reveals her radiance-boosting tricks.  


Nachi Kanemaru Glick grew up in the coastal city of Miyazaki, Japan, and first honed her skills for lifting and sculpting cheekbones while completing a rigorous training with the Tokyo-based cosmetic company Kanebo in the ‘90s. “It extremely detailed and demanding,” says Glick. “We were studying as though we were dermatologists.” In 2001, she moved to New York City, where she developed what she calls her “omakase” style of skincareNo two facials are ever the same in her 5th Avenue studio, as Glick handpicks and personalizes the sequence of treatmentsfrom micro-current massages to pore-refining masks—for her roster of clients, which includes international beauties like Julia Restoin Roitfeld.  


Now, as Codex Beauty’s facialist ambassador, Glick blends her knowledge of ancient, Eastern-inspired skincare rituals with modern, plant-based science to achieve an unfiltered, holistic glow. Here, the in-demand guru shares her go-to Codex Beauty products, which Japanese skincare lessons she relies on most and her quick face-washing trick to instantly refresh a tired complexion. 


How do you describe your approach to skincare? 

I think the simplest way to describe my technique is East meets West.  I combine elements of Japanese facial massage with Western techniques of skin treatment and care.” 


What products do you stock in your kit at work and home?  

“I really fell in love with the Bia collection—I use the products on a daily basis. My husband often comments on how I can never find products I stick with—so now he’s shocked! But specifically love the Facial Oil for massage. I believe face massage should be an integral part of your skincare regimen and this oil leaves skin plump and moisturized. Also, my massage technique requires that my fingers be placed inside the mouth, applying pressure on the inside of the cheek to release tension. Knowing this, I’m so glad Bia products are all natural!”  


What Japanese beauty secrets do you swear by? 
“The ofuro, or the home bath! In Japan, we take a bath everyday. There are so many benefits: It softens your skin, increases your circulation, relaxes and refreshes your body, and helps you sleep deeper. So if you want a simple trick for better skin—and a calmer mind—take a soak in your tub. 


What other habits keep your skin healthy? 

cleanse my face with the Exfoliating Wash using warm water then cold water to energize the skin. And, I make sure to pat my face with quite a bit of force to stimulate my skin. This helps improve the blood circulation in your face, so you looks more radiant. You don't just want clean skin, you want glowing skin! 

Exercising definitely helps increase circulation as well, which translates into healthier skin. So I fit movement into my daily routine, whether it’s biking or walking to work. You'll be shocked at how even the simplest activity can really have an impact on your complexion. 


What foods do you rely on for beautiful skin, from the inside out? 
I like to say a cup of miso soup a day keeps the wrinkles away. Fermented miso has an antioxidant effect, which helps keep skin youthful and resilient. In Japan, we consider miso a potent ‘beauty food’ that delivers nutrients to your skin. 


Stay tuned for more skincare advice from Nachi, and to never miss a tip, follow us on Instagram @CodexBeauty    


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